Applications for Block 1

This website portal will open for applications for Block 1 later this year.  After the DPU establishes the SMART tariff, we will announce the opening date and provide further instructions on the application process.  See  for more info.

SMART Solar Block Status Update
Last Update:       10/16/2018      1:44PM
Electric Distribution Company (EDC)Size GroupCurrent BlockBlock/Size Group (MW)1Allocated Capacity (MW)2Pending Capacity (MW)3Accepting Applications for Block4:
Eversource MA EastSmall1 of 818.3030.0000.0001
Eversource MA EastLarge1 of 873.2112.0000.0001
Eversource MA WestSmall1 of 83.1470.0000.0001
Eversource MA WestLarge1 of 812.5887.7000.0001
National Grid (Massachusetts Electric)Small1 of 818.0040.0000.0001
National Grid (Massachusetts Electric)Large1 of 872.01843.5730.0001
National Grid (Nantucket)Small1 of 20.6040.0000.0001
National Grid (Nantucket)Large1 of 22.4170.0000.0001
UnitilSmall1 of 40.7890.0000.0001
UnitilLarge1 of 43.1580.0000.0001
Note 1: The Block/Size Group MW values are estimated using the minimum Small Block set-aside percentage (20%) of the total capacity available for each block, per DOER regulations. Up to 35% can be allocated to small systems in any given block. Therefore, depending upon demand, these values may be adjusted as the blocks fill independently of each other.
Note: 2: Allocated Capacity (MW) is the toal of Applicants that have been issued a Statement of Qualification.
Note 3: Pending Capcity (MW) is the total applications submitted but not yet approved or assigned to a block. Some of this capacity may be moved to the next Block as the current Block fills.
Note 4: Assuming that all the Pending Capacity is approved, this is the estimated Block where new applications will be assigned.

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